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Zel Art Project was born in Geneva, after the enthusiasm of two composers from the Haute École de Musique, Isandro Ojeda-García and Léo Collin, together with the conductor and pianist Néstor Bayona. The idea from the beginning has been to create a platform for musicians, composers, dancers and artists in order to set up projects for new music.

  Zap, video Néstor Bayona



  Sundays on the Edge of the Empire,project
  The idea for this project began from performing the two contrasting Domeniche from Fausto Romitelli. A composer with whom Zel Art Project (ZAP) has an special interest. He revolutionised new music by showing in his compositions a clear influence from spectral music to progressive rock and techno.
Later on, the title of the works inspired us to create a story behind the music. With the translated English version Sundays on the Edge of the Empire, the performance will be developed from stating contrasting poles. For example, it will explore the idea of written music versus free improvisation; the contrast between hearing music-seeing performers with hearing music-seeing images; also the two impressions -Prima Domenica and Seconda Domenica- of one composer based on a specific title and the different impressions of each of our resident composers based on the same title.

In this occasion, the ZAP team wants to collaborate with the artist Albert Bayona who has recently collaborated with the composer Daniel Cabanzo and our resident composers Isandro Ojeda-García and Léo Collin.

  Shoah Film Collection // Echofluxx 17 Festival of New Media,Prague
  Domeniche alla Periferia dell'Impero Prima domenica, music by Fausto Romitelli
video, Albert Bayona
  De-cadences & rubbish tape, music by Isandro Ojeda-García
Decadence, cosmonaut & love, video by Albert Bayona
  Domeniche alla Periferia dell'Impero Seconda domenica, music by Fausto Romitelli
Musicians, © Ensemble Intercontemporain 2014 
video, Albert Bayona

Musicians from the Zel Art Project Ensemble
João Meireles, flutes Marie Mercier, clarinets Mirka Scepanovic, violin Esther Lefebvre, cello Néstor Bayona, piano/conductor

Composers in Residence
Isandro Ojeda-García (Spain) Léo Collin (France) Daniel Cabanzo (Colombia)

Video artist
Albert Bayona (Catalonia)